HSLC’s multicultural educational emphasis and curriculum encompass evidence-based practices that support learning for educators, students, and their families through online, inclusive, self-paced, intuitive, interactive videos and activities developed to foster natural acquisition of a variety of signed languages. HSLC embraces diverse cultures, heritages, and signed languages, promotes socio-emotional learning, and encourages the development of strong identities through a socially responsible methodology.
Consulting Services
Provides guidance to school faculty and administration on the best educational strategies and use of the HSLC curriculum through virtual and in-person workshops
Provides one-on-one support for all aspects of the transformative curriculum implementation
Offers multicultural educational curriculum training, including adjustment of teaching approaches
Creates videos based on frameworks for HSLC’s curricular development that emphasize multicultural diversity and students’ diverse abilities
The primary objective of HSLC is to provide access to multicultural educational material through networking, partnerships, collaborations, and interactive innovative collections of research findings
Meet the HEC Team
The Heritage Education Curriculum (HEC) advisors work hard to provide support and advice on childhood education. We are proud of our team for their outstanding contribution to HSLC's success.
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Michelle Weaver-Fudge
Sandy Scott
Delia Lozano
Joy Maisel
Carmine Ida Mojahedi
Wende Grass
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