The Family Language Connector Program (FLCP) under HSLC promotes meaningful connections between deaf children and their families. Virtual and in-person family sign language services are provided by the connectors, who are culturally deaf, compassionate, friendly, professional, and fluent signers. Families and the FLCP forge relationships of trust that support each family in their unique journey of language learning. FLCP is committed to providing new knowledge and supportive services to bolster the family structure and enhance family functioning.
Opportunities to participate in family activities and multicultural deaf events, where families develop relationships and have the chance to network with other families, deaf community members, and professionals
Evidence-based curriculum with user-friendly units, lessons, conferences, workshops, and webinars
One-on-one sessions that honor multicultural heritage sign languages and foster learning and growth with individual children and families
Virtual ASL sessions for families online with a connector
Meet the FLCP Team
The Family Language Connector Program staff works hard to provide support and advice on resources to families. We are proud of our team for their outstanding contribution to HSLC's success.
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Claudia Gordanio
Jerri Seremeth
Jaclyn Vincet
Latrina Harris-Lewis
Brenda Perrodin
Kristy McKeller
Joseph Lopez
Claire Decker
Marvella Sellers
Juan Bernal
LeeAnn Tang
Diana Meade
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